5 Minute at Home Manicure


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5 Minute at Home Manicure

It is the new healing nail and cuticle mask system! Just slip the little nail masks over your fingertips for just a few minutes per treatment. The masks surround your nail & cuticle with an intensive, moisturizing treatment. The infused Japonica Seed Oil helps strengthens nails, conditions cuticles and hydrates the skin around the fingertips. Even use before a manicure to ease removal of dry and dead skin.

Each 5 Minute Mani mask is infused with a special advanced formula containing Japonica Seed Oil. This natural plant oil is extracted from a wile flower that grows in Japan – widely known for its antioxidants that revitalize hair and skin. Simply place the healing masks on each finger for as little as 5 minutes and let the treatment set in to strengthen and nourish your nails and cuticles.

5 Minute at Home Manicure Features and Benefits:


  1. Surrounds Nail & Cuticle with An Intense Moisturizing Treatment
  2. Strengthens Nails, Conditions Cuticles, & Hydrates Skin
  3. Repairs & Restores to Promote Healthy Nail Growth
  4. Helps Prevent Future Peeling, Chipping, or Cracking
  5. Includes: 4 Nail Treatments (each treatment includes 10 individual fingernail mask)

5 Minute at Home Manicure


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5 Minute Mani Healing Nail & Cuticle Mask


4 Pack/Set

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Nail Treatment


Nail Mask

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