Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin



Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin

Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin Features:

1. Made of high-quality materials, hygienic, safe, and baking tools.

2. Innovative design: cross blade design, roller with plastic handle, just need to easily roll to get three even dough.

3. Fine workmanship: to create a durable, durable product for DIY baking and professional baking.

4. Food grade materials: wear-resistant, scratch-resistant cutting tools, easy to clean.

5. High quality plastic handle: good feel, comfortable handle.

6. Wide range of uses: suitable for cutting dough, making croissants, biscuits, and bread.

7. Exquisite gifts and necessary baking tools: suitable for DIY enthusiasts and baking enthusiasts.

Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin Description:

Material:PP + iron

Size:36.4 * 9.7 * 6.5cm / 14.33 * 3.82 * 2.56

Name:Adjustable Roller

Individual product weight:(no color box) about 177.2 grams

Size of the box:About 44 * 7.5 * 7.3cm / 17.32 * 2.95 * 2.87 inches

The process of making croissants:

Pour a small amount of warm water into the yeast, wait 15 minutes, then mix with the eggs yolk.

Mix with high-gluten flour, low-gluten flour, milk powder, and sugar. Pour the yeast and eggs paste into the dough.

Then cover it with plastic wrap and wait for 30 minutes until the dough is fermented.

The dough is fermented like this.

While waiting, heat the pan, pour some oil and mix it with the flour.

The fermented dough is kneaded into a rectangular piece.

You should oil the dough.

Fold the dough three times.

Finally, you can use the hob to cut the dough and roll it up. Place the rolled croissant on the grease paper.

Place it in a 190-degree oven for about 15 minutes to complete the rolled croissant.

Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin Bullet:

1. Adjustable: Adjustable cutting knifes can switch 7 widths.

2. Easy to clean: Compared with wooden kneading needle-shaped gaskets, this stainless steel rolling pin with thick ring is very easy to clean directly underwater without rusting. It is important that the needle roller pads are not separated and formed after washing hands.

3. Widely applicable: suitable for cutting pasta, pastry dough, brownies, biscuits, pizza, lasagna, u86e4s, etc.

4.Pastry Wheel: It has 4 grooves and 4 traditional interchangeable tools.

5. Easy to store: Includes a hanging hole for easy storage on the kitchen wall and on a safe dishwasher.

Packaged include:

Rolling pin*1

Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin

Adjustable Croissant Rolling Pin


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Additional information


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Model Number

Adjustable Roller



Diameter (cm)

36.4 * 9.7 * 6.5cm / 14.33 * 3.82 * 2.56

Product Type

Rolling Pins


PP + iron


Rolling Pins & Pastry Boards

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