Algae Repellent Agent


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Algae Repellent Agent


Algae Repellent Agent Description:

Use our aquatic algae control purifier to say goodbye to the ugly and foggy water in ponds and aquariums.

It instantly and naturally cleans and controls the nuisance algae, producing a sparkling, clear,

vibrant color in the water that, unlike other algae fungicides, is completely safe for your pond and all its creatures.

It naturally provides a healthier habitat for fish, without excess and nutrient-enriched algae, giving fish more nutrients and making them more active and lively.

This algae control purifier also eliminates all the unpleasant odours around the pond, providing you with fresh, healthy food. Relaxing scenery.


Algae Repellent Agent Feature:

Naturally eliminate harmful algae – within a few hours after application, diatoms multiply (beneficial algae),

further competing for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, resulting in the death of algae due to lack of nutrients.

Safety of fish, plants and amphibians – Unlike other algaecides, it is completely safe for your pond and all its creatures.

More and more diatoms become food for zooplankton, which in turn becomes a live fish food that ultimately enhances their health.

Improve water quality – work at the micro level. The exponential growth of diatoms provides oxygen to the bacteria, which in turn removes waste from fish and leftovers.

This natural process helps to clean the pond and foam the water without letting the water emit any unpleasant odor.

Fast action and efficiency – it starts the cleaning process almost immediately. Within 3-5 hours of use, diatoms began to form, which initiated the cleaning drive. Efficient and easy to use.

Ensuring a healthier habitat and bright colors in the pond – removing nuisance algae naturally provides a healthier habitat for fish.


Algae Repellent Agent Instructions:

Fish tank algaecide: 3 grams per 100 litres of water

Aquarium to prevent algae: 1 gram per 100 liters of water


Algae Repellent Agent  Specification:

Net weight: 50 grams


Algae Repellent Agent Contain:

1PC algae removal powder+1PC spoon


Algae Repellent Agent

Algae Repellent Agent


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