Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specification:

Material: ABS

Color: Black, White

Size: 228X228X70mm

Charge time: 2-3 hours

Working time: about 1.5 hours

Sweeping mode: automatic universal

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Range of application: Wooden,marble and nylon flooring, etc


Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features:

1.Small and slim design: This robot is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as furniture, bed, sofa, etc.It can proficiently pick up hair, dust and dirt under your sofa, couch or areas that are hardly reached.

2. Advanced motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise.

3. USB charging mode: USB charging mode, simple charging.It can be used repeatedly when fully charged, long service life.

4.Long life saving: Advanced lithium-ion battery has been maintained for many years Maximum running time and charging performance, can be used repeatedly and have a long service life

5. Automatic cleaning: no APP without remote control, very convenient for the elderly. It automatically changes direction in front of obstacles and is easy to use. Method of operation: Fully charge the sweeper, open the wheel cover and switch

6. It automatically changes directions when encountering obstacles, smart to use.


Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Packing list:

1 x Auto Sweeping Robot

1 x USB Cable


Additional information


White, Black

Remote Control




Sale Method

Dropshipping/Wholesale/Retail Sale

Feature III

Vacuum Cleaners

Feature II

Smart Home Cleaning Machine

Feature I

Automatic Sweeping Robot

Cleaning Route

Random Type

Cord Length (m)


Turbo Brush


Model Number

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Special Suction Nozzle

Cleaning Brush



Power (W)




Timing Reservation




Bag Or Bagless




Battery Life

1 hour and 30 minutes-2 hours

Dust Storage Type

Dust Box

Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.5 L


Sweep Suction

Voltage (V)



Wooden,marble and nylon flooring, etc

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  1. 09

    by Carla Poole

    Excellent seller, fast delivery by courier to the door!I have no complaints about the quality of cleaning. this vacuum cleaner is easier to shake out a dry container, and indeed it is easier to maintain. It also works quiete. The autonomy of the vacuum cleaner is decent, more than enough to clean a small apartment, and most importantly.I recommend! Good luck shopping !!! If the review was useful to you, do not forget to like. Good luck!

  2. 09

    by Devon Huntoon

    This sweeping robot has been used by my wife. The operation is very simple and affordable. I used it to clean the dust under the sofa. I thought it was not easy to use. Later I found that it was clean and clean, and then my wife took it. Go upstairs to clean the dust under the bed, don’t see it, and watch it startle. I found that a lot of dust was cleaned up. I feel that the air is fresh. This is really a good friend of the housewife. Very good, my wife likes it!

  3. 09

    by Alfredo Lamanna

     The mini robot vacuum cleaner is more than enough to remove a small apartment, and most importantly, that the vacuum cleaner during wet cleaning also collects dry debris in a separate compartment. I recommend!

  4. 09

    by Della Drew

    hahaha,my wife likes it very much.Looking at the black one,it looks so nice ,product meets fully my expectations. Highly recommended. 

  5. 09

    by Dieter Krist

    Very good equipment. Shipping very fast. It cleans the room maybe a little slowly,but no noise.I can watch TV or read books.It do not bother me.Thanks to the seller.

  6. 09

    by Germain Beaumont

    Thanks for the seller!!Very good vacuum cleaner for those who are not very demanding with cleanliness, because it has much suction power. Thus aspiring very well all the dust, hair, hair. But this is Ideal for me because my house has too much dust .Good cost benefit, came very well packed. very well packaged and protected. Flawless seller, and simple but effective robot vacuum.

  7. 09

    by Eleri Barnes

    i love it! it take 8 working day to arrive but i try it and i has no problem and in plus the spare parts are wonderful.good to have it.

  8. 09

    by Joseph Garreau

    I am pleased with the robot cleaner.And when I receive it.I open the box and everything is here.I am so happy.I charged it about three hours and use it about one and a half hour.This is ok for my house.I think this worth of money.

  9. 09

    by Fernand Aveline

    Loving it! It cleans well, including the mop part. Great for pet hair. It’s a little bigger than I expected, but it’s beautiful and not noisy. Delivered within 10 days.So fast!!! I have tried it once,I recommend it !

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