Bacteria Killing Robot


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Bacteria Killing Robot 

Description: Product size: 16 * 16 * 5cm Rated input power: 5V 1A (Max) Rated output power: 5V 1A Power when manual anti-virus: 2.1W Automatic anti-virus power: 3.4W UV wavelength: 253.7 nm Battery capacity: 4800mAh Charging time: 0.5h Life time: 2h (can scan at least 4 2m beds) Features: 1.Wireless and convenient 2. Two modes for better cleaning 3. Intelligent control: intelligent road exploration, intelligent induction, intelligent movement 4. Compact and easy to carry: when traveling, hotel accommodation is more assured 5. Multi-scenario application: kitchen, car, living room, etc. Package include: 1* robot



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Bacteria Killing Robot Cleanse bot

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