Bedly Portable Baby Bed


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Bedly Portable Baby Bed

Name: BEDLY ™
Material: Cotton
Size: 85cm * 45cm * 15cm
Includes: Pillow, carpet bed, fence bed
Suitable for: 0-24 months baby

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The Ministry of Health advises you not to change your baby on a changing table in public places!

Don’t change your baby anymore on a classic changing table. Whether during your races, a trip or simply during a walk, change your baby on his personal bag with our BEDLY ™

Changing tables are not very recommendable. According to a recent study, thousands of bacteria and viruses are housed there (due to the frequentation of these places). Most babies cry and get sick after being changed. These viruses are dangerous for your baby, that’s why we have the solution.

You can change it anywhere, on a table, or on the floor, the comfort of our BEDLY ™ remains the same.

Thanks to its cushion, its cotton mattress and its double edges, baby will feel safe and will be in maximum comfort.

The bag is entirely personal, so baby will be able to familiarize themselves with it.

Baby will sleep on a real bed if he needs it during your ride

When you go out, you will notice that baby often falls asleep. With our BEDLY ™, he can sleep on a comfortable and soft bed at any time. The BEDLY ™ includes the cushion adapted to the baby’s head.

Also during your next vacation, baby will probably not have a bed …

We don’t often think about that, but it’s a real problem. Putting him to sleep on the same bed as you without protection is a very bad idea …

With our BEDLY ™, baby will be able to sleep on a comfortable bed and will not risk anything.

Bedly Portable Baby Bed

Bedly Portable Baby Bed

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