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The Relax Pillow- The average adult easily works 50 hours a week, sometimes also working multiple shifts in a day! Unfortunately, the more we work the less time we have for sleep. To cover up for lack of sleep, many people have adapted to taking naps, simply sitting on a  chair and passing out in exhaustion or resting their heads on their forearms at the table!
Neither choices are very comfortable and can have severe negative effects on your health.

The Relax Pillow- Finding the right sleeping position makes all the difference because it can have tremendous effects on your health. If you sleep in the wrong position, your neck and shoulder muscles become tense over time and you may suffer long term damage and discomfort.

PurenLatex 37 25 12 Cervical Memory Foam Noon Nap Pillow Office Table School Desk Cushion Slow
The Rellax Pillow

The Relax Portable Pillow has a versatile design that will support your sleepy head no matter where and what position you choose to nap in.

Memory foam covered with soft velvet-like material ensure 100% comfort that helps reduce stress on your muscles while you nap.

The Relax Portable Pillow is your perfect nap partner. Nap comfortably wherever you are! Whether sitting at the table or even in your car!

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