Intelligent Electric Skateboard

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Intelligent Electric Skateboard



Intelligent Electric Skateboard Features:

Between the giant wide-wheel tires and the single one-sided cantilever 4130 chromoly handlebar, our Intelligent Electric Skateboard is as innovative as it is striking.

Those wide wheels aren’t just for show either. Not only do they house and protect a 1,000 W motor, but they are also part of the “self-balancing” nature of the scooter. With the battery weight solidly below the wheel axles and a wide contact patch, the scooter is essentially self-righting and doesn’t require a kickstand.

Push it sideways and it functions like a Weeble – it wobbles but it won’t fall down.


Intelligent Electric Skateboard Specifications:

Our Intelligent Electric Skateboard has a top speed of 25 mph (43 km/h), which is definitely faster than all other electric scooters.

Braking is accomplished via a disc brake in the front and regenerative braking in the rear.

Our Intelligent Electric Skateboard weighs 90 lbs (41 kg) and can support up to 250 lbs (113 kg). It is also fairly maneuverable for such a massive looking scooter, with a turning radius of 94 inches (238 cm).

The 58 inch (147 cm) high and 20 inch (51 cm) wide scooter stands 43 inches (109 cm) tall, but the handlebar folds down to just 17 inches (43 cm) high.


The handlebar houses a twist throttle, brake lever, horn button, LED battery indicator, on/off button and a key lock.

All of the wiring is routed inside of the handlebar tube, resulting in the clean outward appearance.


What it lacks in portability it makes up for in speed. The scooter can accelerate to an impressive 30 mph, which doesn’t make it the fastest electric two-wheeler on the market, but certainly outpaces any Bird or Lime scooter by a long shot. The motor has a peak power rating of 1,000W, and the lithium-ion battery can be fully recharged in four hours.

There are four riding modes: Limp, Eco, Sport, and X. (Limp mode, while hilarious on the surface, is something to protect the rider if something goes wrong. The other modes are user-selectable.)





Intelligent Electric Skateboard

Intelligent Electric Skateboard

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9 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by devin hughes

    Why does the add on Facebook claim it’s just over $100?

    • by Cozexs Team

      Hi, that is completely scamming. This product is A class and can’t be for 100$.

  2. 09

    by me in here

    • by Cozexs Team

      Of Course yes! Shipment cost is about 150$ for this product.

  3. 09

    by Rich

    An E commerce site on Facebook copied your Intelligent Electric Skateboard webpage and is offering it for $75.00 USD. I was about to buy one till I researched it and found this site. IF IT’S TO GOOD TO BE TRUE… PROBABLY ISN’T.
    Ps. If I could afford it I would definitely buy from your company. Thanks

  4. 09


    There’s a scammer selling these for $75

  5. 09

    by Adam B

    I got an AD saying I can get 2 of these for $125 on Instagram. Someone is trying to rip people off. Not y’all of course but I would look into it. They are using your videos and descriptions in their AD’s.

  6. 09

    by Jesus Perez

    Yea on Facebook show same product reg price is 139.95 on sale for 75.96 I wish I can post a pic of it… it most look the same…

  7. 09

    by Yucel Yeltekin

    Another scam website claims this scoter is $75, just FYI.

  8. 09

    by habibul rahman

    please let me know how much the price to place an order

  9. 09

    by Rev

    Where would I get replacement tires for this?

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