Luxurious Thumb Piano Kalimba



Luxurious Thumb Piano Kalimba

Luxurious Thumb Piano Kalimba Description


– Thumb piano is a traditional musical instrument in Africa. In different African countries, it has different names. It is also known as the mbira or likembe.

– The sounding body part is the flexible metal strips in different length, while use wood or gourd as a resonance box.

– The metal keys are mounted on a wooden box that acts as the resonating chamber.

– This instrument are played for the function that it’s not only rid the evil from patients, but also play the role of praying for rain.

– The main function of thumb piano is used for accompaniment. When it is played, you should hold the main body by two hands, and then use two thumb to play with it.

When the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will make sounds.


– The longer keys have lower pitches and shorter keys have higher pitches. The keys can be adjusted by tapping them in or out to adjust their length, and therefore their pitch.

– Thumb piano is in small size, easy to carry. When it is the sunset, people would like to use it for singing accompaniment or stories telling accompaniment.

– Great for beginners or kids.

Material: Pine wood + Aluminum bar + Aluminum rod

Sounding Bar: 5 pcs in different length

Color: Red

Level: For beginners (or kids)

Product Size: 90 x 62 x 20mm

Product Weight: 550g


Luxurious Thumb Piano Kalimba







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China, United States


Red, Green, Blue, Black


Upright Piano

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