Mini Table Saw


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Mini Table Saw


Model: T555-1

Motor Model: 555 Double Ball Motor

Rated voltage: 24V 4A

Rated speed: 8000 rpm

Free saw blade: 60mm HSS saw blade *1 cutting depth: about 10mm

Product material: PMMA+ABS

Product Size: 183*130*80mm(This is only a Mini Bench Saw, Not Suitable for Cutting thick sheets, hardwood (redwood, rosewood, ebony)

Mini table saw supporting saw blade and cutting range:

1. Premium Saw Blade [diameter 60mm thickness 0.8mm 72 teeth, cutting depth about 10mm] for general cutting quality

2, recommended blade [60mm custom blade thickness 0.6mm 60 teeth, cutting depth of about 10mm] for bamboo, mahogany rosewood and other hardwood, plastic, bone, colored soft metal plate, pipe, bar cutting, not easy Card saw, cutting speed

3, recommended saw blade [70mm custom saw blade ultra-thin 0.6mm 72 large teeth, cutting depth of about 15mm]

Suitable for cutting bamboo, mahogany rosewood and other hardwood, plastic, bone, colored soft metal plates, tubes, and bar stocks.

3, Ultra-thin (diameter 80mm ultra-thin 0.5mm precision 108 fine teeth, cutting depth of about 20mm)

It is used for the precision cutting of thin tube materials such as valuable tube bar, small bar, tea brick, friable acrylic and other thin tube bars and thin colored soft metal pipe bars. ], smooth cutting surface without burrs, low material loss

4, 60mm diamond saw blade, used for jade, glass, ceramic cutting and grinding [small material processing, pay attention to the temperature of the workpiece, so as not to burn the table]

Installation needs to know:

If the machine is not properly installed, it may cause danger.

1. Please use the voltage and current indicated by the machine. If the source line is damaged or damaged, please replace it in time.

2. The machine should not be dropped, so as to avoid damage to the casing or loose internal components.

3. Do not use organic solvents to clean the case

4. Unplug the power supply when installing, moving, or cleaning the machine

5. If moisture penetrates into the machine, it may cause a short circuit.

6. Do not make any modifications to the machine or other functions

7. For safety reasons, please use original accessories

8. The saw blade must be installed in the correct direction

9. When the saw blade frequently appears in the saw, please check whether the saw blade is worn, whether the selected saw blade is suitable, whether the backing is leveled, whether the cutting method is correct, whether the saw blade is installed correctly, whether the power supply is up to standard, and cannot be forcibly cut to avoid damage to the machine.


1. When selecting the gear position, please adjust gradually from low to high.

2. When starting up, there must be no objects in contact with the saw blade.

3. When cutting, if there is a card saw, please turn off the power switch immediately and do other operations.

4. Long-term card saw is strictly prohibited, so as not to burn the motor or power supply [not covered by the warranty]

5. The machine cannot directly use AC power.

6. Please use the original power supply. For customers who have their own power supply, please refer to the rated voltage and current of the machine.

7. Do not block the cooling holes during use.

Package Include:

1 set of Bench Saw

1 x power supply

Mini Table Saws-l1600 (6)

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