Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit


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Multifunctional Paint Roller Pro Kit

5pcs/set Multifunctional Paint Roller Brush Room Wall Painting Decorative DIY Tools Features: 1. Applicable to any wall regardless of the texture. 2. No water leakage, and more paint can be stained. 3. Get the perfect result, this tool can be easily applied to the lines and corners of the gap. 4. When you slide around the fixture and curve, you don’t need a tape to get those perfect lines. 5. Can handle any family wall painting work. 6. The paint pad is 8 times higher than the traditional paint brush, 5 times higher than the traditional paint roller. Specifications: Product material: plastic: PP new material              brush: sponge + flocking              metal: steel Product color: blue Product weight: 510g Product size: 300 x 200 x 80mm/11.8 x 7.87 x 3.15″ Notes: 1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools. 2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor. HTB1FH89KgmTBuNjy1Xbq6yMrVXaE 1 X Paint Roller Brush Set Hc7567e86005e435fb9353a722b1b31a6N He671de10ad924920a9aa02a75b9b0c9eL H3db58f251ee54813a88360d5c0c6b929K Hd41711c534604b72b796ec1cb23bb982y H65a0c6ad7cdc4936b869d1c6cf3fb8a2p He10bfd3495634ea89ee83138cdce123e3 He2ab7609dd004ceeb04060e16449e5ecK H58152881f6a044bf97edfa3c2d82cac4T H8dfb552ffde04a8b80953fb967e06ae5S H5f47868ff9584d3b9c895c5dba8b4bfdc H026058f12ff3461b98f97c9f9a584718m Hb40c3489d87144a18804f26c8df45942J H3afad93ef2574c1e85c1d72fe4ad40ddk Hfb802f04f31e4dcb9b6fc821134f5d5dB HTB1PXOmKkyWBuNjy0Fpq6yssXXaq [relateproductdetail/] HTB1uy7Bc6fguuRjy1zeq6z0KFXaW HTB1VY 1qHorBKNjSZFjq6A SpXaI HTB16dXcKhSYBuNjSsphq6zGvVXaD HTB1DJ8LKf5TBuNjSspcq6znGFXaP
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    Product in accordance with the advertised
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    Thank you very much to the seller for the fast delivery and goods.

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    I really liked the delivery by courier. thanks 

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    as good as i expected
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     Fast shipping.

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    by Grigor Petrov 

    Great product. Fast shipping.

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