Natural Earwax Candles


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Natural Earwax Candles


Natural Earwax CandlesSpecifications:

100% Brand new quality

Type: Ear candle

Color: mixed delivery

Material: wax, natural material


Ear candling is a natural, non-invasive procedure that can help relieve chronic headaches, sinus diseases, allergies, dizziness, and mild hearing loss caused by excessive earwax accumulation.

It is said that ear candles can be used to relieve symptoms, including simple earaches, sinus infections and sinus pressure, aid in sinusitis, release blocked energy, relieve pressure points,

and generally a soothing relaxation therapy.

Practitioners of ear candling do not claim that they can cure these diseases, but only claim that it will help balance and promote healing.

There are some myths about what happened during the candlelight experience.

One of them is that smoke enters the ear canal and softens the wax, which is then sucked back through the candle.

This is the most common description of how a candle works, because some of the wax produced by the candle itself may fall off, and the inside of the cylinder and when it is cut later may

resemble a waxy yellow substance, earwax.

How to use ear candles

1) Prepare your area

Ensure that the room is well ventilated, the temperature should be at room temperature and the light should be soft. You may want to play some soft music in the background.

2) Prepare equipment

Arrange candles, a small bowl of water, a mirror, a lighter or matches and a pair of scissors.

3) Lying in a comfortable position

On the sofa, even on the floor! Place your head on the pillow and tilt your head to one side. It is best to have someone to accompany you, especially when you experience ear candling

for the first time.

After setting up a regular ear candling on a regular basis, make sure to wear a mirror so that you can assess your progress during the ear candling assessment.

4) Gently place the candle in the outer opening of the ear

The ear candle is equipped with a small comfortable earpiece, which is gently placed in the outer opening of the ear to ensure a good seal between the opening of the ear and the end

of the candle.

5) Light the candle

After being ignited, the candle will produce a slight vacuum effect, oxidize, volatilize and suck soft wax and debris from the ear. This is a very gentle and non-invasive process,

you may experience

Hissing or hissing during the operation. The approximate burning time of the candle is 10-12 minutes.

6) Once the flame reaches the line mark, remove the candle from the ear

Extinguish the candle with a glass of water, then cut off the burned part.

Package Included:

10pcs ear candles

10pcs cotton swabs

5pcs tray


Natural Earwax Candles

Natural Earwax Candles








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