Neck Flexer


Neck Flexer

Neck Flexer Description:


Polyurethane 100%; High Density Memory Foam

C-Rest is the only affordable, portable, lightweight, non-electric neck massager on the market that is easy to use and designed by doctors and chiropractors to help relieve muscle tension caused by the shoulders and upper back. To improve the quality of your life.

Use 10-20 minutes per day, precisely aim at the massage points, relax on your back, rely on the gravity of the head to play the role of natural traction stretching, and twist the neck to enjoy the effect of muscle relaxation and massage. C-Rest stimulates important areas of the neck and increases blood flow to the brain and muscles. Helps relieve shoulder and eye fatigue.

C-Rest Durable: Durable foam is designed to withstand heavy weight and long life without losing its shape as a posture device. Whether it is packed in a bag or used frequently, the fulcrum will expand back to its original shape and be ready for use.

C-Rest supports a variety of ways: it can be used anywhere in the office, on a chair, on a bed, on a sofa or on the floor – whenever you need to relieve pain.


Product Name: C-Rest Massage Pillow Relaxer

Color: Blue, Pink

Material: Polyurethane 100%; High density memory foam

Size: 24cm x 21cm x 13cm

Weight: 460G

Package Included:

1X C-Rest Neck Massager


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Additional information


24cm x 21cm x 13cm


Polyurethane 100%; High density memory foam

Model Number

High Density Memory Foam


help relieve muscle tension caused by the shoulders and upper back




retail box pack

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  1. 10

    by Clarita Pursell

    Massager easy, effective.

  2. 10

    by Roderick Roth

    I was expecting a softer one

  3. 10

    by Ted Basye

    Delivery is long enough, and for massage is not very suitable. I ordered a relative and she remained unhappy, although I read about it on the Internet and expectations were not justified.

  4. 10

    by Emma Carra

    How you describe it in the App Catalog

  5. 10

    by Alisa Watts

    Im use t right now kts too hard but it make me relax

  6. 10

    by Olevia Lauder

    All as in the picture, harsh

  7. 10

    by Moriya Masanobu

    Thank you very much for the massager! I thought that it was a little softer, well, I will try.

  8. 10

    by Benoît Cortot

    Arrival Within monthly, packaging scrunched but the product is not damaged. Material hard very and supports in the neck. It’s not pad or used as, it’s more for short time to support וללחוץ on points in the neck (not for)

  9. 10

    by Wendelin Jonas

    The item is quality, but the parcel came in torn packing boxes. seller 4 *, thanks

  10. 10

    by Sigmund Bruckmann

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