Peel Off Face Mask


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Peel Off Face Mask

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Ferment Brightening & Firming Yarn Cream Making good skin Out of the shell Fine pores, firm and smooth skin Product Information Product name:Baimiss Ferment Brightening & Firming Yarn Cream Specifications:30g Effects:Regulating skin Moisturizing ,whitening skin,Repairing skin foundation,Improving facial wrinkles Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid Yeast extract Eggshell membrane extract Skin Types:Suitable for all skin types Shelf Life:3 years Caution:Put it in a dry and cool place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight and make sure the place be beyond the reach of children


Skin problems seriously affect your beauty Coarse pore Dry skin Blackheads and acnes Frequent pimples


Open a new chapter in skin care Revitalizing and refreshing your skin Moisturizing Sleek and smooth Careful repair Improve fine lines


Beauty is from your inside The deepening of the water Hyaluronic acid Lasting moisturizing can make your skin smooth and watery and it can reach skin foundation to stay hydrated Yeast extract Effectively removing wrinkles and revitalizing facial skin Eggshell membrane extract Improving and repairing coarse skin No hormone No pigment No alcohol Free from heavy metal No harmful substances

Actual using effects Use an eyeliner to stimulate skin filth on your hand,apply it evenly In 30 minutes, the handwriting is peeled off with the mask without any trace Before using it: Dark and gloomy skin After using it: White and watery skin Before using it: Frequent pimples After using it: remove pimples,Repair skin with acnes


Four steps To make your skin tender STEP 1:Apply it to your face evenly (do not get too much of it) STEP 2:Wait for 30 minutes to absorb nutritional ingredients and let it become transparent mask STEP 3:Peel off the mask from the edge STEP 4:No cleaning is required to witness tender and fresh skin



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Hyaluronic acid,Yeast extract Eggshell membrane extract

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Lasting moisturizing,treat Blackheads and acne,avoid dry skin

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