Smart Body Cleansing Brush

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Smart Body Cleansing Brush


Tips for use:

• In the process of low gear operation, excessive pressure will cause the machine to stop rotating. Please restart the machine. • Please keep away from water source during charging. • It is recommended to replace the brush head every three months.

Electric bath brush

The whole body deeply cleans the skin, carries on the bath happily. • Clean skin, Exfoliate, Soft against the skin, Soothing Massage.

Smart Body Cleansing Brush

Smart Body Cleansing Brush

Selling Point

• 360 ° automatic rotation. • Double gear, two speed, whatever you want. • Moderate hardness, skin friendly. • Full body, IPX 7 waterproof.

Do you use the right tools for bathing?

– Hand rubbing: back cleaning is not in place. – Bath ball: only bubble, poor effect. – Bath towel: the material is hard and easy to hurt the skin. – Bath brush: manual scrubbing, tired.


Deep clean, good helper for rubbing bath.

• SPA level bath experience. DOCO electric bath brush is designed to enhance the bath experience. The 360 ° automatic rotating brush head combined with a long handle can easily scrub the whole body’s skin, and at the same time, relieve the massage, and improve the bath comfort.


Powerful motor, 360 ° rotation.

• Efficient cleaning of dirt. Under the support of strong power, it can rotate at high speed, and the maximum torque is 7kg / cm. It will not stop under strong pressure or slow down when encountering resistance. 360 ° rotation can quickly dredge pores and effectively clean deep dirt.


Two kinds of brush head

• Suitable for men and women. Meet a variety of cleaning needs. High quality nylon and natural bristles are selected for processing. Nylon long bristles are fine and soft, with only 0.1 mm for each. They are suitable for daily bathing of girls. Short bristles are 0.15 mm in length. They are more friction resistant, deeply clean and exfoliate all over the body. • Daily shower brush head Suitable for daily bathing and sensitive skin. Recommended for women. • Deep cleaning brush head Suitable for deep cleansing and whole body exfoliation. Recommended for men. Or women who need exfoliation.


30000 fine bristles

• The ring is closely arranged, gentle and powerful. The design of circular arrangement of 100 brush holes, each brush hole is arranged with 300 bristles, 30000 brush hairs are compact, soft and tough, ensuring comfortable skin feeling and improving cleaning efficiency. – 30000 hairs: circular arrangement of bristles. – 3 months: it is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months.


Innovative engineering design

• Even distribution of gravity makes it easier to hold. Using the lever principle, the electric motor, main board and other devices are designed in the handle area, the weight is evenly distributed, and the hand grip is more labor-saving. At the same time, the switch button is located at the handle, which makes the operation more convenient.


Men deeply clean the brush head

• Brush out the healthy skin. Natural bristles are just right toughness, dry brush can stimulate lymphatic system, improve skin dullness, lighten fine lines, and be comfortable. *When using dry brush, it is necessary to keep the brush head and skin in a dry state.


“Cavitation effect”, bubble dense and delicate.

The fine bristles meet the shower gel under the high frequency rotating state, resulting in “cavitation effect”. The foam is dense and delicate, which can improve the cleaning effect of the shower gel and save the shower gel at the same time.


New experience of deep cleaning and back rubbing for men.

Electric bath brush with a large force of rotary massage, with the brush, easy to rub back pores dirty grease, let the skin refreshing and breathing.


Two gears, two speeds

• Feel the “Melody” of different rhythm. Two gear speed, high gear speed 222 R / s, low gear speed 110 R / s, can be freely selected according to personal preferences and needs.

Large capacity lithium battery, super endurance.

Choose large capacity lithium battery, charge for 2 hours, use 5 minutes a day, and last for 9 days.


IPX 7 full body waterproof

Full body IPX 7 waterproof, high safety index, no need to worry about machine water, use worry free, safe.


Details show quality

• Non slip silicone cover • Easy disassembly and assembly • With lanyard • Design of hidden charging port • Waterproof and safer


Basic parameters

Product Name: DOCO electric bath brush Product model: DOCO BC001 Color: White Rated voltage: 5V Rated power: 4.5w Size: 33.5 * 8 * 7.3cm Weight: 0.28kg Charging mode: Micro USB



Additional information



Model Number

Youpin Doco Electric Bath Brush

State of Assembly







Long Handle Waterproof Cleansing Brush

Control Channels

2 Channels

Max Speed

Massage Electric Shower Brush Long Handle Waterproof

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Smart Body Cleansing Brush

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