Smart Plug by TP-Link

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Smart Plug by TP-Link

Smart Plug by TP-Link Description:

Size:2 Pack

The Hs103 2-pack is the easiest way you can start controlling lamps, fans, and other smaller Electronics. HS103P2 is a lighter version of our mini plug with all the features you expect from the TP-Link and Kasa family. The Kasa app also guides you through each step of the installation, connecting your smart plug to your home Wi-Fi. Protocols Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g/n; System Requirement: Compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher., iPhone only version of Kasa app required for iOS tablets; Wireless Type: Wi-Fi communication, IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

Smart Plug by TP-Link

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2 Pack

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7.2 ounces

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2.62 x 1.5 x 2.38 inches

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B – US style with ground plug.

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Push button

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Smart Plug


Indoor use

Included Components

Smart Wi-Fi Plug Lite HS103 * 2, Quick Start Guide

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2 Years





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#140 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)

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March 6, 2018

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  1. 10

    by Frederick

    I have had good experiences with TP-Link devices in the past, so I had high hopes for these little WiFi outlets, and they didn’t disappoint.1) Setup was a piece of cake: just plug them in and use the Kasa app to configure them. You can also control these by voice if you are an Echo user — adding them as new devices is easily done through the Alexa app. (They are also compatible with Google Home devices.)2) They are small and unobtrusive, projecting about an inch and a half from the outlet. And because they are so compact, you CAN plug two of them in at the same receptacle, one above the other.3) They require NO HUB, since they connect via WiFi — this is a huge plus!4) They are very easy to control with the Kasa app, which is well designed and fairly intuitive. You can use the app not only to turn the plugs on and off but also to set schedules so lamps or other appliances turn on and off at designated times.I have had no connectivity issues with these, and I would certainly buy them again. (In fact, I will almost certainly purchase more because I keep finding new places where these can be useful!)A tip for Echo users: I try to limit the number of different brands and makers of my smart home devices beacuse each brand typically has its own phone app and adds an extra layer of complexity to the whole setup. But inevitably you are likely to have devices from several different brands. If you like to set schedules and routines for plugs, lamps, etc., rather than using each individual brand’s phone app, you can set all of their schedules using the Alexa app. This greatly simplifies things, as you can look at ONE app to see the schedules of all of your different devices.

  2. 10

    by MikeinSugarland

    I have an Amazon smart plug and these Kasa smart plugs by TP-Link work just as well. Once you have the Kasa app installed, setup was a breeze and took me less than 2 minutes – including updating the plugs to the latest software version. It is very well integrated and were discovered easily by Alexa w/o any hiccups.Once that is done, you can group them together however you like. I even create scenes using geo-fencing that will turn on my kitchen lamp when I am near home. I planned to use one of them for my Christmas lights. This way I don’t have to bother with the old timer like before.The plugs feels solid and high quality. The side power button turn on manually with a satisfying click. The Kasa is actually a little smaller the Amazon smart plug. Long term, I have an older TP-Link plug I bought over 2 years ago and it is still working like a charm. Haven’t experience any disconnect from my home Wi-fi yet.Why get just 1 Amazon smart plug when you can get 2 of these for the same price, built, quality, and ease of use.

  3. 10

    by Debbie

    I have owned a number of different “smart” switches. Of late, I had 3 different brands with 3 different apps including an IHome app that worked horribly with Alex and constantly lost connection, some that used the Smart Life app that made me nearly lose my religion trying to keep them all connected, and a light switch and outlet that use Kasa app (TP Link). The only two that worked every single time and had a mutually beneficial relationship with Alexa were the ones on the Kasa app.So after finally giving up on the others I grabbed 2 of these. PERFECT! Easy set up. No crazy needing to scan the back of the plug that is clearly plugged in so you can’t scan it kind of stuff–or the press the button for 15 seconds and then press it three times fast craziness. Quick connect, and because Alexa already had my Kasa app skill, immediate recognition. Needless to say, I’m super happy! Won’t use ANYTHING that doesn’t work with Kasa app from now on!

  4. 10

    by LudaTB40

    I have a sunroom outlet that was right up against the corner of the room (pictured) which severely limited my choices on what smart plugs/outlets I could use. I needed one that:1. Is compact enough to fit within the envelope of the outlet cover and not block the other outlet2. Maintain a reliable connection at a distance from my router3. Has Alexa integration with schedulingI tried several other smart plugs (Amazon, Wemo) for this particular application, but they were just too wide for my tight requirements. I already have an older TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug that works well, but will hog an entire outlet to itself. I also looked at the in-wall Smart Outlets, which are 2-3 times the price of the HS103 2-pack and most only give you control of 1 of the 2 outlets. I also chose the smart plug for flexibility in case my needs change for this particular receptacle in the future.Alexa integration: I partly chose the TP-Link HS-103 since I already have the Kasa app on my phone. You need to enable the Kasa skill in the Alexa app in order to mesh the two, which only required a sign-in with my Kasa login. Setup in the Kasa app was simple and guided. I was seamlessly able to schedule routines right through the Alexa app to tie in other devices.Wi-Fi signal: Both units are about 20 ft from my router (Netgear R6700 AC1750) through 3 walls and they maintain a rock-solid connection with 0 issues for 3 months now.Time function: One is used in my home theater to schedule a power strip to turn off and on to prevent “vampire” power draw, which ends up saving me about $24 a year and pays for itself quickly. The other is for a lamp that is also scheduled at certain times. I have scheduled routines through both the Alexa app and the Kasa app with ease.BOTTOM LINE: The best value for a compact and reliable smart plug. No energy monitoring, but not needed for my application.

  5. 10

    by Jones Tech Review

     The Good This smart plug keeps other outlets free, works with Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, and offers plenty of scheduling and timing options.The Bad The TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini isn’t HomeKit-compatible.The Bottom Line This smart plug is a great option for anyone interested in scheduling, voice commands and remote access to everyday devices up to 1,500 watts.I love that I can control the device from my phone and that we can view it from afar, if the wife wonders if she turned off the hot iron, we glance at the app and turn it off if needed.

  6. 10

    by Raybert

    First, I will say that I have been using other TP-Link smartplug minis and they work great with Kasa and Alexa. Very happy with those, I am. But this new pair I bought will not connect to my network with the same exact **saved** wifi settings. My wifi is set to use WPA2/WPA mixed (I have some legacy devices that need WPA) but if I switch it to strictly WPA2 these new plugs will connect… but immediately drop off if I switch the router back. Meanwhile the original pair of minis chugs along happily.These are odd items. The listing says 10 amp, like my original HS 103s, but the labels on these say 12 amp, so they are obviously different hardware… or maybe even counterfeit?? I dunno. If I were you I’d get the more expensive pair that come in an actual TP-Link box and not a plain brown wrapper. I may have to send these back.I am on hold for a chat with TP-Link now, if I learn anything useful I’ll trey to update this review.Edit: I am updating this review to 5 stars. The mini plugs are actually a new hardware version and function well once the router is set to WPA2 only. I had to get rid of a legacy device on my network to do this but it was overdue to switch from mixed mode encryption to the more secure WPA2 only. The new minis (P2 hardware) also handle 12 amps instead of just 10.I am still a little annoyed that TP-Link didn’t keep the new hardware able to connect on WPA/WPA2 mixed (at least on my Linksys 1900 ACR router) and that this second set of plugs bought only a few weeks after the other cost me half a day to troubleshoot when it should have take 5 minutes to install.Bottom line is if you are running WPA2 only you are OK with the new mini plug hardware version. If you are still running mixed mode you may have installation and connectivity issues.Another random observation: I installed a set for a friend with their Android phone and it was easier than with my iPhone. Android doesn’t need the extra step to go connect the phone’s wifi directly to the mini plug. All done right from the app. Nice.

  7. 10

    by Dee T

    Kudos to TP-Link for the minimal no plastic packaging. Tiny cardboard box and support structure, yet still well protected.The smart plugs work well even through walls and floors. I am very impressed with their range. Easy to set up and use and Alexa control is spot on. The Kasa app and coordination with Alexa have improved since these first came out. Amazon knows about them as fast as you can set them up with the app. I have many along with the light bulbs in multiple geographic locations and I can control them all from my phone or with any of my Echos and Dots.These less expensive H103 smart plugs are the 10 amp version rather than the 15 amp H105. If you aren’t sending a lot of power through them for something like a coffee maker, then they are sufficient. I am using them right now for Xmas lights and tree (our complete display goes on and off on the programed schedule and I can manage them individually or as a group) and will repurpose them for televisions and lamps later.I have one I have named “yourself” and plug my office dot into it. Now I ask Alexa to “turn yourself off” when I make phone calls so there isn’t even a chance it will record anything.

  8. 10

    by Samson Gebre

     I purchased the two pack for these smart outlets. They are very easy to setup and link to your home WiFi via the intuitive app. The app itself is great and it is easy to link up and control multiple smart outlets and even allows you to take pictures of the device that is powered by the outlet and setup schedules for on/off times which makes it very convenient for lamps or other devices you want to run at night only. The app also comes with a widget as well which can be viewed from the lock screen which is very useful because It reduces the amount of push notifications you get on a daily basis. The device itself also has a manual on/off button as well so if your WiFi goes out you can still manually operate the device as well. I would purchase this again.

  9. 10

    by The Family

    When my husband first bought these I was skeptical. I thought, “So expensive for a glorified timer.” Obviously I didn’t know what I was talking about and now I’ve become dependent as these handy little buggers. We have acquired quiet a few by now.Easy enough to work with & set up and Wow!I hosted Thanksgiving and went a little overboard with garlands, leaves, and fall twinkle lights everywhere. Everywhere! (Like Pier1 & Michaels partied together & vomited all over my home) Instead of reaching down and plugging things in, switching things on, setting up those ticking dial timers that nobody likes, it’s all scheduled to come on at dawn for a few hours and again around dusk till about midnight.But on overcast days when it seems a little dark in the house, I can simply say, “Alexa, holiday on!” (You can make your own command be whatever floats your boat) and BOOM! Glorious lights! Twinkling and magical all over the house!Oh, and now it’s Christmas! And now even more lights! Everywhere! The mantle, the tree, the banister, the door ways, the little mini tree in the 4 year old’s room, even the structural column that I don’t hate so much when it’s wrapped in beautiful garland and lights. BOOM! All on at the same time without having to make the rounds of flicking everything on or waking up & worrying about whether or not I turned something off.We noticed the price had dropped so we even went and bought a few more.Absolutely love them, would recommend them, and will probably buy 2 more.

  10. 10

    by TrollHntr

    I first bought a few TP-Link HS200 wall switches to control my lights. It was a pain to remove the previous switches and wire these in. But I was so impressed with their ease of set up that next time I bought the HS103/HS105 plugs. I can now control lots of my appliances via TP-Link Kasa app or Alexa (or manually).But I WORRY about the SECURITY RISK of sharing my home WiFi username/password with a Chinese company. SOMEONE, ahem, can get into my router, my PCs etc., and steal my bank credentials, or install botnets to launch malware attacks. So I STRONGLY RECOMMEND using a router that supports 2 networks. Make sure you have separate passwords for them. Use the main network for all your PCs, phones and tablets, and connect all these IOT devices to the guest one.

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