Survival Folding Gravity Hook



Survival Folding Gravity Hook

Survival Folding Gravity Hook Features

Color: Silver

Material: Steel

Size: Approx. 8.5*4.5cm

Load weight up to 50kg

For outdoor climbing activities, outdoor wilderness survival activities, outdoor adventures, and used for disaster relief. Climbing, climbing tree, climbing mountain, rock climbing, ice climbing, anchoring, fishing and cleaning up the weeds, etc

The claws can expand and collapse and it makes the hook very easy to carry

Toothed claws provide more stablity for gripping during climbing activities

Great for outdoor climbing, survival and adventure activities, or use it to pull down tree limbs, as well as other aspects of disaster relief

It is one of the essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts


Package Included:

1 x Grappling Hook

Survival Folding Gravity Hook

Survival Folding Gravity Hook


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