Telescopic Stainless String Invisible Clothesline



Telescopic Stainless String Invisible Clothesline


Balcony Clothesline Hotel Wall Hanging Stainless Steel Clothesline Invisible Telescopic

Name: New invisible clothesline

Material: ABS + thick steel wire

Size: 11*7*6

Weight: 500g

Note: The punch-free installation method is not suitable for plaster walls, suitable for tile walls.


ABS casing, space aluminum internal structure, durable wire rope. Easy to use – just extend the cable and hang it on the opposite wall lock to get enough laundry space

The clothesline can support a weight of approximately 20 kg and the clothesline can withstand higher weights depending on the situation.

Adjustable rope: The clothesline is designed with a 4.2m retractable rope. You can choose the hanging distance freely depending on the number of clothes.

Rust prevention: Free telescopic wire rope drying rack. Abrasion resistant / rust free / no steel wire.

Two installation methods: 1. Punch type installation method [sturdy, no wall requirements] 2. Punch-free type – equipped with nail-free glue installation method [sturdy, no damage to the wall / installation].

Punch-free is a new installation method, which is simple and convenient to install, has no trace and beautiful appearance, does not damage the wall surface, is waterproof and strong, and has strong bearing capacity. After the glue is applied to the wall 3-5 days, the nail-free glue is completely dry and then used. Waterproof, moisture proof and high temperature resistant.

Package Included:

Clothesline*1, screw*2, glue*1

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China, Russian Federation, Spain, United States, France


ABS + thick steel wire



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