Garden Wall Panels



Garden Wall Panels

Garden Wall Panels Paramater

  1. Material:Non-woven fabric
  2. Color:Green,Black
  3. Size:As shown

Garden Wall Panels Feature

  1. 100% new brand and high quality.
  2. Breathable, water retaining felt materials very conducive to plant growth no matters indoor or outdoor.
  3. Eco-friendly and non toxic materials for safe, long term use.
  4. Provides easy vertical Garden Solution.
  5. Within a few feet of floor space with vertical gardening to provide you and your family with vegetables and herbs all year long!
  6. By eating food from the vertical garden kit at the time of harvesting, you may absorb many more nutrients than you absorb from store brought fruit and vegetables.
  7. Match several planters together for covering large wall areas.
  8. You can Move and change Plants at will.
  9. Perfect use for small or large yards, patios, schoolyards, apartments, balconies, community, rooftop gardens, terraces.
  10. Green plants release a lot of oxygen; purifying air, pleasant eye-touch.

Garden Wall Panels Package includes:

1* Gardening Grow Bag


Garden Wall Panels

Garden Wall Panels

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Green- 2 pockets, Green- 3 pockets, Green- 4 pockets, Green- 6 pockets, Green- 9 pockets, Green- 12 pockets, Green- 18 pockets, Green- 36 pockets, Green- 49 pockets, Green- 64 pockets, Green- 72 pockets, Black- 2 pockets, Black- 3 pockets, Black- 4 pockets, Black- 6 pockets, Black- 9 pockets, Black- 12 pockets, Black- 18 pockets, Black- 36 pockets, Black- 49 pockets, Black- 64 pockets, Black- 72 pockets, Green-25 pockets, Black- 25 pockets




11 sizes

Model Number

Gardening bag

Product Name

Planting bag / tree planting bag / beauty planting bag


wall hanging

Features 1

Corrosion resistant, breathable, not easily deformed, self-absorbent

Features 3

strong and durable, degradable,

Features 2

water-saving and drought-resistant, light-transmissive


home,hotels,flower nursery, offices,home gardening,gardens,malls, etc.


Solid and durable, water saving and drought resistance, self-absorptio

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