Hair Remover Mousse Spray



Hair Remover Mousse Spray


  1. Gentle hair removal- Gentle plant extracts in this hair removal bubble could relieve skin irritation and shrink pores without painful hair removal
  2. Adopted Pure Natural ingredients, it’s suitable to be used on Bikini, Underarm, Arm and Legs.
  3. Inhibition of growth – The hair suppressing molecules of the product reach the hair follicles, blocking growth nutrition, and slower hair growing.
  4. Long last smoothness – This Hair Removal Spray removes body hair from roots, keep skin silky and supple.
  5. Repair & nourishment – a variety of botanical extracts gently depilate, nourish and protect, make skin elastic.


  1. nose, ears, breasts, intimate parts. Injury and inflammation of the skin are not suitable if they apply.
  2. if not accidentally on the depilatory mousse, flush immediately with water.
  3. Face Usage: Due to soft sensitive facial skin, first coated with a little hair removal product, no discomfort or allergic reactions, can be ensured.
  4. hair removal site does not apply hot water and soap or wash, are not just using sweat or deodorant within 24 hours after epilation.


  1. try to remove the hair, the reverse is better (such as hair can be easily cleaned, you can follow the 3, continuous), and then with water to wash away the scum residue. Dry with a soft towel.
  2. After a good spray spray if more, it is better to approach the bar this because if sprayed too much penetration will be relatively strong small sting (non-allergic).
  3. firmly). To spray the legs and hands, work with up and down fast-moving action in order to ensure a uniform spraying mousse for hair removal on the website.
  4. wet skin after use
  5. depilatory mousse left in the hair for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on the thickness thick juvenile hair can be, at least five minutes, after all, it is a light-type.
  6. Net content: 120 (g / ml)
  7. the first processor under the hair in one direction over the hair, do the hair removal from the desire of the parts 10-15 cm to use, press firmly on the top of the bottle,
  8. spray the mousse on the site To A Hair removal (when not hesitate to spray press
  9. please remain in the foam nozzle clean after each use.

Package includes :

  1. 1x Hair Removal Cream
  2. HTB1AiuhQmzqK1RjSZFHq6z3CpXa0
  3. HTB1L1KKQhnaK1RjSZFtq6zC2VXaK



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China, United States


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Hair removal cream

Special Purpose Cosmetics





120 g



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Hair Removal Cream

hair removal

face depilator

cera depilatoria

hair removal treatment spray

hand cream

pilaten hair removal cream


hot wax for depilation

rasoir visage femme

hair remove wax

wax pearls

hair growth inhibitor

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