Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set


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Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set Feature:

Quantity: 6 pcs

Unisex, one size fits most. Unless you have really huge arms these should fit comfortably cause they are stretchable.

These sleeves are cold water washable and best if left to air dry.

They are U.V. protective in the summer and keep you warmer in the winter.

Material: Nylon (92% nylon/ 8% spandex)

Perfect for riding your bike , sports, camping

Try out the look before you commit to a real tattoo

Switch your tattoos to match your mood & style

Cover your existing tattoos

Trick and fool your friends, family and co-workers

Fun gift for your buddy who always wanted a tattoo

Great for Parties, Halloween, Christmas, Work, Weddings, Outings

Helps increase airflow and shade when it’s hot

Soft, breathable and stretchy thin fabric is comfortable to wear

Easy on and off with a snug fit for authenticityLimited Time Offe

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Set

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Temporary Tattoo

skin Proteive Nylon

stretchy fake temporary tattoo sleeves

body arm

stockings tatoos

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